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 My Platform When I was Thinking About Running For President

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PostMy Platform When I was Thinking About Running For President

I'm a Constitutional Independent, and I sure wouldn't mind sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office. If I were to run for President, this would be my platform.


We simply must get the Federal Government back within Constitutional boundaries. However, I realize, while the solution is simple, implementation of the solution may not be.

1. Eliminate unnecessary and unconstitutional Federal agencies and departments. One that is unnecessary is the Department of Education. The nation's children would best be served by an education system that is primarily controlled by parents, then the States.

The IRS and the Federal Reserve are unconstitutional. The Constitution states that Congress shall "lay and collect" taxes. The Constitution gives the Congress the responsibility to "coin money, regulate the value thereoff."

Other examples of agencies and departments that are unnecessary or unconstitutional are the FDA, ATF, and Homeland Security. The Department of Commerce can take up the slack left by elimination of the FDA and the ATF.

As far as Homeland Security is concerned, as President I would not jeopardize security for a mere political whim. But, we have the CIA, FBI, and military intelligence. All we need is for these agencies to communicate with one another, and then report to the President. Only the government control aspects of Homeland Security will be totally eliminated. There will be no more spying on the American people, such as listening to phone conversation without due process of law. No more TSA groping sessions at airports.

I believe it is possible to protect the American people from terrorist attacks without violating their Constitutionally protected rights and privacy.

2. We need to establish a Constitution committee in both houses of Congress. Every bill must go through these committees to determine a bill's Constitutionality. If the bill is determined unconstitutional, the bill dies there. Also, they will audit all current laws. When determining a law is unconstitutional, they will write a bill to repeal such law.

3. I will do whatever is in the power of the President to end abortion. I will start with a Presidential Proclamation that the unborn are persons and have rights under the 14th Amendment.

4. I will do whatever I can to reaffirm the 10th Amendment, and encourge the States to repeal laws that are the result of strong-arm tactics by the Federal Government.

I do not believe it is Constitutional for the Executive Branch of the Federal government to extort States into passing legislation. Such as what Elizabeth Dole did while Secretary of Transportation when she told the States to change the drinking age to 21, or not receive their Transportation dollars. She did the same thing to get States to pass seat belt legislation.

5. While I am opposed to unnecessary and unconstitutional agencies and departments, I do have a proposal for the establishment of a Department of Constitutional Services. The purpose for this department would be two-fold. 1. To assure that the actions of the Executive Branch of Government are constitutional. 2. To assure that the Constitutional rights and privileges of the citizens of the United States are not infginged or otherwise violated.

That's the main body of my platform. Other issues will be addressed as needed.


I am still formulating my foreign policy. And, I can only speak in generalities anyway since I am not privy to all the information a President needs to be to have a specific foreign policy.

I will say this. By the time I would take the oath of office in January 2013, Amanda Knox better be back in the United States. I believe it is the duty of the President, and indeed, the government of the United States, to protect the citizens of the United States where ever they are in the world. What has happened to Amanda Knox is unreasonable and unjustified. Every legal expert I have heard discuss this case says that there was not one shred of evidence linking Miss Knox to the crime she was convicted of. As a U.S. citizen, it should be expected that the U.S. Goverment would work on her behalf. If they have been, I certainly don't see any progress.

So, here's a message to the Italian Government. Send Miss Knox home, and I won't have to consider punitive measures should I become the President of the United States in 2013.

You might want to consider what sanctions might mean. Closing off our borders to all Italian imports.

For those who would wonder why. I believe U.S. Citizens are unfairly targetted by foreign court systems. Some years ago, there was a young man convicted of a crime there was no way he committed. This happened in a South American country. As President, I would work with these other nations to end this practice. When American citizens travel abroad, they should be able to do so with a reasonable expectation of not being unfairly targetted by the legal system of whatever country they travel to.

There is no reason why this policy has to wait till 2013 to be implimented. I call upon Congress to pass a bill dealing with this problem and send to President Obama for his signiture. I am confident he would sign such a bill.

Update 2-9-12

Since Amanda Knox has been set free and justice for Miss Knox has prevailed.  However the general policy is the same.  When a U.S. citizen travels abroad, they need to be reassured that their government has their back.

The remainder of my foreign policy is nearly identical to that of Ron Paul.


I believe defense spending should be the top priority in our budget, and we should have the best national defense possible especially now. Since 9/11, and the build up to 9/11, what's to say foreign soldiers are not getting past the INS? The 9/11 hijackers were allowed to come and go, in and out of this country at will without the proper visas. I would hope the Bush Administration had strengthened the INS, and the President Obama is continuing that program. But, with all the illegal aliens in this country, can we be 100% certain of that?

As far as military bases abroad. There is only one reason for them, and that is if we have a treaty with the host country to have a base there. Otherwise, I believe we should bring our military home to defend this country. I would want as many troops as possible here at home, in case war breaks out on our soil.

Some might think that can't happen. But, after 9/11, can we be 100% certain of that?

I want the United States to have the best military in the world. In the past we have heard things like, "peace by strength." I prefer, "respect by strength." Having the best and strongest military will be costly. So I guess we will have to outpace the rest of the world in defense spending, however not intentionally. If you want a "second to none" military, you will have to pay for it.

Since 9/11, I don't think we can afford the luxury of having anything but the best military. We must be prepared for anything, in hopes it will never have to be used.

By the way, I oppose the S.T.A.R.K. treaty as well. Why should we sign a treaty that would disarm our nuclear weapons with no guarantee that others will likewise disarm?

Update 2-9-12

While I agree with everything Ron Paul says about foreign policy, I still believe that we need the best and finest defensive military in the world.  We should never start a war.  But, when anyone commits an act of war against us, we need to respond quickly and decisively.  So, as soon as possible the President should go to Congress for a Declaration of War against those who would attack us.  Once done, we will make anyone that would dare attack us pay.  

I do not believe this is contrary to Ron Paul's foreign policy.  My foreign policy is just as dangerous as his is.


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My Platform When I was Thinking About Running For President

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