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 The Lack of Biblical Morality

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PostSubject: The Lack of Biblical Morality   Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:44 pm

The death of Whitney Houston, and the revelations, through the years, of what kind of husband Bobby Brown was, is screaming out the need for America to get back to Biblical morality.

Ephesians 5.25 says, "Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church." Colossians 3.19 says, "Husbands love your wives and do not be bitter toward them." That doesn't mean call your wife names. That doesn't mean physically abuse your wife. That doesn't mean introduce your wife to illegal drugs. That doesn't mean be jealous of your wife's fame.

Jesus showed us what it means when he went to the cross for the church, his bride. A man in Arizona showed what it means when the shooting started he shielded his wife from the bullets with his own body and gave his life to save his wife. That's what it means.

Had Bobby Brown loved Whitney Houston as Christ loved the church, she would have been healthy, happy, and had a longer life. Had Scott Peterson loved Lacy Peterson as Christ loved the church, he would not have murdered her. Had Matthew Winkler loved Mary Winkler as Christ loved the church, Mary would not have been driven to shooting him. If American husbands would love their wives as Christ loved the church, there would be no need for a women's liberation movement, because women would be loved and satisfied with their lives.

There is a severe lack of Biblical morality in the United States of America. Many thought that Jeremy Wright was wrong when he indicated we shouldn't say "God bless America" but rather "God damn America." But Jeremy Wright was right. America is a damnable nation because of the lack of Biblical morality. And we are seeing this lack of Biblical morality all over this Country. From the halls of government to mainstreet America, immorality is rampant in America. And nowhere is it more obvious than in the family.

Family touches every aspect of society. Family gives us our foundation. If our foundation is crumbled, our lives will be likewise. And when we go out into the world we take with us all we learned from our family. If a politician comes from a greedy family, chances are that politician will be a greedy politician. If a man comes from a family where his dad is abusive of his mother, chances are he will be abusive of his wife.

Proverbs 22.6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." [NKJV] The training we receive from our family will determine the kind of person we will become. Society is so messed up because there is a severe lack of Biblical morality in our families.

All the ills of society are caused by the lack of Biblical morality, no matter what it is.

When a tragedy happens, you can see the media trying to figure out why. But it is really very simple. But the media wants to ignore the truth. They certainly don't want to discuss what the Bible says. The media is trying their best to de-christianize America, and they are doing a good job. The death of Whitney Houston, the murder of Laci Peterson, the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson all are a testament to the efforts of the media to keep the Bible out of the public square.

Just as the government of the United States must get back to the Constitution, America must get back to the Bible if the United States of America is to survive as a nation.

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The Lack of Biblical Morality
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