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 God Gave The Song, and The Word

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PostSubject: God Gave The Song, and The Word   Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:17 am


Have you ever heard Sandy Patti do "God Gave The Song"? Just follow the link at the end, and hopefully you'll be able to. And when you do hear it, you'll understand what I'm about to say.
You see, just as God Gave The Song, God gave us His Word. It is written in Psalm 138 that God magnified His Word above all his name. From the very beginning, the forces of evil has been trying to stop the Word, asking Eve, "did God really say that?" I guess they figured they could stop the Word by discrediting it. Then one day, that Word became flesh. And all the forces of evil came ready to battle the Word. They did everything they could to discredit the Word. But they couldn't. Infuriated by the logic of the Word, they were so angry, they finally nailed the Word to a cross. And they probably said, as in the song, "there, that should take care of that." But it didn't. Thee days later, God gave the Word new life. I hope you enjoy, "God Gave The Song." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dpabqOwiIo


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God Gave The Song, and The Word
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