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 Futurist Dogma Connected to Murder and Mayhem

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PostSubject: Futurist Dogma Connected to Murder and Mayhem   Sun May 13, 2012 8:47 am

To the futurists among us. Have you heard the news? Fox reports, a man in the State of Washington built an underground bunker in the Cascade Mountains near his home, stockpiling food, guns and ammo to, in the words of his daughter, "prepare for the end of the world." Well that nutcase murdered his wife and daughter, and then went to the bunker and killed himself.

Last year, when Harold Camping made his prediction, as the day approached, there were reports of suicides. There was a report of a woman who attempted to kill her daughters and herself so they would not have to face the end of the world.

Do you see what misinterpretations of the last days prophecies is causing. And has been causing.

Back in '06, I recorded a program off the National Geographic Channel called, "The Secrets of Revelation." In that program they told of a group that believed a little 3 month old baby boy was the anti-Christ, and they murdered that little boy by driving a stake through his heart. A group in Japan gassed an underground subway in Tokyo with poison gas killing dozens and injuring thousands. They wanted to hasten the apocalypse. You should watch it. Perhaps it's on the internet somewhere. If I find it, I'll provide the link.

Futurist theology is at least partially responsible for unrest in the Middle East. Since the United Nations in their stupidity placed Israel in an already volatile Middle East, Israel wanted to rebuild the temple. But, there is a problem. There is an Islamic Mosque on the land where the temple once stood. And Israel has been fighting about that ever since.

Does it make sense to rebuild a temple just so it can be destroyed again? You see, the temple must be destroyed so the Messiah can return and set up his earthly kingdom. The futurist failure to accept the destruction of the temple in AD70 as the one that would trumpet the coming of the Messiah is responsible for this fight for the temple land.

I can understand Israel point of view to a degree. But "Christians" should know better. Yet "Christian" leaders actually support Israel's fight to regain the temple land.

I'm sure many remember David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, and what happened at their compound near Waco, Texas. David Koresh taught that the apocalypse was near. The result was a clash between government forces that ultimately led to the deaths of those Branch Davidians.

Futurist theology is responsible for fear leading to suicide and murder, while futurist teachers take advantage of this false doctrine that they turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. "Christian" authors write about it, "Christian" musicians sing about it, earning millions at the expense of the victims of the murder and mayhem brought on by futurist dogma. That is not the Christianity I read about in the Bible.

Jesus once cast the money-changers out of the temple. But the spirit of those money-changers is alive and well in the church today, selling as truth the lies of futurism.


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Futurist Dogma Connected to Murder and Mayhem
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