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PostSubject: Satan   Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:37 pm

A couple things I'd like to address about Satan.

1. He was a created being, was he not? That begs the question as to why he was created.

2. Scripture calls him the accuser of the brethren. Revelation 12.10

3. We also see his function as a tempter. Matthew 4

4. We also see his role as tempter in the garden as he tempted Eve. Genesis 3.

5. We see in Job 1 that Satan is subordinate to God.

6. It seems to a common belief that Satan is a fallen angel, yet nowhere in Scripture is that stated. Using biblegateway.com, I have search for it, and can not find it.

7. Those who are proponants of the idea that Satan was an angel cast out of Heaven point to Isaiah 14.12, Ezekiel 28, and Jude 6.

8. Was the King of Tyrus in the garden as Satan? If so, then was Peter also? Jesus did say to Peter, "get behind me, Satan." Matthew 16.23

9. Was Peter in the Garden also tempting Eve along with the King of Tyrus?

10. Isn't it more likely that the King of Tyrus and Peter both simply yielded to the spirit of Satan?

11. And what about Lucifer? Was Lucifer also Satan? Was he also in the Garden deceiving
Eve? Lucifer, King of Tyrus and Peter. Was that an unholy trinity? Were all three in the garden?

Since this has been a discussion here (Facebook, Bible Debate & Discussion Group), I have been studying the subject. Above are my findings.

My conclusion unless anyone can show me differently is that Lucifer is not Satan at all. There are no Scriptures to support that. As far as the King of Tyrus in Ezekiel 28, God was speaking spiritually, as Jesus was in Matthew 16. If taken physically, then anyone called "Satan" in Scripture was back in the Garden of Eden tempting Eve. The fact is that Scripture, in Genesis 3, only states that the serpent was there. It doesn't mention the King of Tyrus was there. So God had to be speaking spiritually.


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