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 The Ministry of Christ

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PostSubject: The Ministry of Christ   Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:33 am

The following quote is from the Biblical Discussion & Debate Group on Facebook. When I went to post it, the Facebook system didn't let me, scratch so I am posting it here, so I wouldn't lose it.

Quote :
Well, Steve Curtis, America needs the Gospel of Fulfillment. The best thing we can do for the world is straighten out America. Then we will better be able to help the rest of the world.

And, Steve, David Maher, makes a good point. You won and baptized 1,000 last year? Plus, I am curious about the language, What do you mean "won"? Jesus told the disciples/apostles to "make disciples of all nations." I never saw anything in Scripture in regards to "winning."

Sorry Steve, but I just take to kindly to this man-made approach to evangelism. If the body of Christ would carry out the ministry of Christ, people would flock to it.

The ministry of Christ not only includes preaching and teaching, but also providing free healthcare, food, shelter, clothing to the poor and needy, and visiting believers when sick or in prison. And if you know the Scripture you know what I am saying is true. If the body of Christ would provide these instead of steering people to the government, that would make a big difference in this world. If this happened in America, people will flock to the body of Christ in droves.

I don't mean to offend anyone. But this has been building up inside me for some. I finally had to say something.

As I said, this has been on my mind a lot lately.

What I said about the ministry of Christ above is true. See Matthew 4.23-25. Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom, then he heal many diseases. He had actions that backed up his words. And his fame spread quickly throughout the region. Then see Matthew 25.31-46. There we see the rewards for carrying out the ministry of Christ, and the consequences for not carrying out the ministry of Christ.

I maintain, if the body of Christ would be doing what it's supposed to, not one believer should be on government programs. But, perhaps, the body of Christ is down to such a small remnant that the effects are not noticed. I hear more and more "Christians" coming up with excuses as to why we shouldn't help the poor and needy.

The religious sector of society in America controls about 20% of the economy, largely untaxed. With that, we sure could help a lot of poor people. But where does that money go? How about large multi-million dollar buildings? Satellite TV networks? The building of Noah's Ark? Crystal Cathedral? And on and on.

There are believers in this Country that if it weren't for the government, they would starve. And that is a sad testimonial on the body of Christ.

Yes, people in Africa need help. But people in America need help just as much, perhaps in different ways. If the body of Christ, wherever it is, would do what it's supposed to, we could help the whole world. Neutral

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The Ministry of Christ
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