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 World Collapse Coming

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PostSubject: World Collapse Coming   Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:32 am


I don't mean to scare people, but I like to keep my ear tuned to the political climate of America, and to a certain extent, the world.

I don't like what I'm hearing. It seems to me that in the not to distant future, the world economic system will collapse. The cause, nations all over the globe, like America, spending their nations into oblivion. People are saying that America is going the way of Greece. When that happens, the rest of the world will follow. Millions of people in the world will be hurting that have not hurt before.

There needs to be a mechanism available to help people when that happens. There is only one that can, and that's the body of Christ. We so need for the body of Christ to be prepared, and vibrantly ready help. Sharing is the only way millions of people will survive. But when you listen to talk show hosts like Alex Jones, who tells people to be ready by hoarding, not by sharing. To stockpile food. To build bunkers for themselves and their families. That is far from the Christian way.

Our duty as the body of Christ is to be ready for what awaits us. But, believe me, I hope I am wrong. The question is, can we be ready?

Even without a worldwide economic calamity of some kind, there are still plenty needs to be filled. Here in the United States, there more people on Food Stamps than ever before, and many more that do not qualify for Food Stamps because they earn just a little too much money. And there are homeless people in this Country. So, there are many needs for the body of Christ to fulfill. For these reasons, a couple of us started a Facebook group called "Fulfilled Christian Ministries."

If you are a member of the body of Christ, please join us in helping people who are need, and to get prepared for the collapse of the global economy if and when it happens. If you have the love of God, and the compassion that comes with that love, please join us.

Thank you, and my God bless you.

study - Do your best to present yourself to God as an approved worker who has nothing to be ashamed of, handling the word of truth with precision. - 2 Timothy 2.15; ISV, isv.com
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World Collapse Coming
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