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 Where Was God?

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PostSubject: Where Was God?   Mon Oct 15, 2012 6:11 am

In the Prayer forum, on another site, there is a request for Jessica Ridgeway.  If you follow the news, I'm sure you heard what happened to her.  One poster posted, "Evidently God was busy elsewhere."  I responded to that poster, and now I ask you.

Have you ever wondered where God was when little girls are molested then hacked to pieces?  I do, and I told God off today.  There is no reason, with all his power why he can't stop things like this from happening.  What kind of God allows these things happen?

What does Scripture say?  Why does God allow these things?  

I can understand many things.  Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis.  They are all an act of God, and only He knows His motive.  I can understand war, eventhough I don't like it.  I can understand murder in a fit of rage.  I can understand suicide.  I can understand the causes of many things.  But not this.  What gets into a human being to molest a little girl and then kill and dismember her.  I can't understand that.  And it really bothers me that God allows this type of thing.  

Do you, my friends, have anything from the Bible that addresses this?  

Perhaps it's time we wake up our God and tell him this is just plain unacceptable.    Sad


Keep in mind folks, I was one that rarely questioned God about anything before. I just accepted everything God has done, is doing and will do. But this world doesn't seem to be run by a loving God.

I started talking about Jessica Ridgeway, and was coldly reminded that there is evil all over the world, as if that was to make me feel better, or something. All it does is strengthen my point. It was posted on Facebook that at an airport in Africa, a girl was caught stealing an iPhone, or something. She was captured, stripped and brutally abused. Why? Sure, there should have been consequences for her actions. But that? In a world controlled by a loving God? Sorry, I just can't see anyone with love to be running this world.

Some have suggested that it's all for the glory of God. That thought is sick. How can what happened to Jessica Ridgeway or the girl caught stealing in Africa bring glory to God. And if it does, He is not a God I want to serve or preach about.

As I mentioned in another thread, the Bible has been an old friend of mine since I was 7. And that is why I am now questioning. My old friend tells me that Jesus, the Son of God went to the cross for the sins of the world. That sure makes it seem that God cares about this sinful world. It is said that God so loved the world.... Would this loving God allow little girls be molested and dismembered, or allow a girl stripped and sexually abused just for stealing an iPhone. That doesn't sound like love to me.

And, quite frankly, none of the comments so far has answered my questions. Some have been in agreement with my questions, while others have been judgmental. I get the same reaction elsewhere. However, I have come to a preliminary conclusion of the matter, and that is Calvinism and anything that resembles Calvinism is total garbage. Man has a total free will to be as evil as he will, and man sure has a lot of will to be evil, and the ability to carry that evil out. However, that does not explain why God will not intervene when evil like this is carried out. He certain has the ability and the power to. He created the universe in 6 days, didn't he? With that much power he certainly could intervene. And that is the basis for my question. Why doesn't he intervene?

This question is not due to lack of faith, but rather because of my faith in God's power. As I said earlier, I can understand many things. But, I cannot understand this.

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Where Was God?
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