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 Fulfilled Covenant Bible

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PostSubject: Fulfilled Covenant Bible   Wed Feb 20, 2013 3:15 pm

I understand the Fulfilled Covenant Bible will soon be released if it hasn't been already. Here's an excerpt of the intro on the website.

Quote :
Some examples of futurist translation bias being addressed include:

The blatant omission of the Greek word mello (about to), which is an
imminent time indicator, from the KJV 106 times. The NIV and NASB “only”
omit mello about 85 times. Mello has now been re-inserted back into the
Word of God, where it has always belonged.

The Greek word stoicheion is used seven times in the New Testament. It is
usually translated elements, as in 2 Peter. In reality, this word is not talking
about physical materials, but principles or ideas (cf. Gal 4:3). In 2 Peter,
stoicheion is describing the principles of the Old Covenant being destroyed
in a fiery judgment, and not a future nuclear holocaust.

In the Greek, Ge can mean land or earth. The superior translation,
particularly in the book of Revelation, is often land. For example, Revelation
1:7 more accurately reads tribes of the land, and not nations of the earth.

The Book of Revelation, written prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in AD
70 (Rev. 11:1-2 and 17:10), describes events that were coming primarily upon
the land of Israel in the first century (as well as the Roman World) not
subsequent generations.

Revelation 9:16 refers to a two million man army from China—or does it? In
the Greek it is actually myriads upon myriads. Could the number just as
readily be translated as 20,000 or 200,000?

In some versions of the KJV Matthew 24:3 reads - end of the world? The
Greek is actually - end of the age? The Greek words Aion (age) and Kosmos
(world) are not synonymous.

Oikoumene is poorly translated as whole world. This Greek word is actually
almost always referring to the Roman world. Luke 2:1 is one example of
fifteen. In addition to the Bible, which clearly and repeatedly illustrates
oikoumene as the Roman world, Josephus’ The War of the Jews and other
first-century plus writings further illuminate the accurate meaning of the
Greek word oikoumene as the Roman world.

In the Preterist Bible, the futurist translation bias has been removed. It
makes reading the Scriptures so much clearer. The fog of futurist (1 Thes
5:21) translation bias has been thoroughly dissipated, and the distorting
carnival mirrors replaced. Now we can see more clearly!

See more at: http://bibleprophecyfulfilled.com/preteristbible.html

study - Do your best to present yourself to God as an approved worker who has nothing to be ashamed of, handling the word of truth with precision. - 2 Timothy 2.15; ISV, isv.com
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Fulfilled Covenant Bible
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