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 Proof of the Return of Christ

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PostSubject: Proof of the Return of Christ   Wed Feb 27, 2013 2:57 pm

In Matthew 24.2, Jesus told the disciples, and anyone else that might have been listening, that the temple would be destroyed. Was the temple destroyed as Jesus said?

In verse 9, Jesus warned the disciples that they would be persecuted. Were the disciples, then apostles, persecuted? Revelation 1.9.

In verse 14, Jesus said the gospel of the kingdom would be proclaimed throughout the world. Was it? See Colossians 1.23.

In verse 15, Jesus talks about the desecration and destruction of the temple, "the holy place." Was the temple desecrated? Was the temple destroyed?

In verse 16, Jesus warned that people should flee Judea. Did anyone flee Judea?

In verse 21, Jesus said there would be great suffering that never happened before and would never happen again. Did Jerusalem, Judea go through great suffering?

The answer to all these questions is Yes. All these events are historically or Biblically accounted for.

The last sign for the end to come, verse 14, was the proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom throughout the world, and according to Paul in Colossians 1.23, that happened.

Jesus said, that the gospel of the kingdom would be proclaimed in all the world, and then the end would come. Paul said the gospel was proclaimed to every creature under heaven. To suggest that Jesus didn't return is to deny what history and the Bible reveals.

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Proof of the Return of Christ
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