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 Simple Explanation Of Fulfilled Bible Prophecy

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PostSubject: Simple Explanation Of Fulfilled Bible Prophecy   Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:44 am

1. Matthew 24.2/Luke 21.6, Jesus foretold the destruction of the temple. Fulfilled in AD 70.

2. Matthew 24.7/Luke 21.11, Jesus foretold of famines. Fulfilled according to Josephus, and other historians.

4. Matthew 24.9/Luke 21.12, Jesus foretold the disciples/apostles would be persecuted and even killed. Fulfilled according to Revelation 1.9.

5. Luke 21.20, Jesus foretold that Jerusalem would be surrounded by armies. Fulfilled according to history between 66 and 73 AD. Jesus told the disciples that then they would know that Jerusalem's destruction would be near.

6. Luke 21.22, Jesus calls those days, "the days of vengeance," in which, Jesus said, "all things written" would be "fulfilled."

7. Matthew 24.15, Jesus called the days of vengeance, "abomination of desolation spoken of by the prophet Daniel."

8. Matthew 24.14, Jesus foretold that the gospel of the kingdom would be preached to all nations. Fulfilled in Acts 2, see verse 5. Also Colossians 1.23. It was then, Jesus said, the end would come.

Eight points of verifiable fulfillment. And there may be more that I don't know about. Considering these 8 points of verifiable fulfillment, can anyone say for certain that the points in between have not been fulfilled? Seems to me they were all fulfilled since they were all intertwined with these 8. For example, earthquakes and pestilences were mentioned at the same time as famines.

These 8 points are just ones that I can verify. That doesn't mean the rest are not verifiable. But, aren't these 8 enough? If Jesus said that the gospel of the kingdom would be preached to all nations, and then the end would come, doesn't it stand to reason the end occurred as Jesus stated it would?

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Simple Explanation Of Fulfilled Bible Prophecy
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