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 The End

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PostSubject: The End   Fri May 24, 2013 3:09 pm

Recently I've been seeing futurist thinking people talk about and using the phrase, "end of time." Oh yes, I have heard the phrase, "when time shall be no more." But that was lyrics in a song where writers often use poetic license. Only recently have I heard "end of time" used doctrinally.

If this is a change in futurist terminology, I am ecstatic. The phrase "end of time" appears nowhere in Scripture that I know of. So then the phrase "end of time," would have to be defined. Then prophecy would become a matter of time. When it comes to timing, futurism loses the argument. There are many time statements that certain events are "at hand," or "must quickly come to pass," etc. The time statements of the New Testament plainly indicates an imminent fulfillment in the time of the original writers. The end was expected by many during the time when the apostles were on the the earth.

Since the phrase "end of time" appears nowhere in our English translations, we will have to go back into the Greek to find it. Several older translations, such as the King James Version, translates the Greek word, AEON, "world." But the word literally means a time or period of time. So, instead of "end of the world," it should read, "end of the time." Then the question arises, the end of what time?

This will be difficult for futurists to do since if we are talking about when time itself comes to an end, then what happens to eternity? What happens to the "everlasting covenant" as prophesied in the Old Testament. Is there an end to an everlasting covenant? And, the church has been teaching that God is eternal. What happens to that teaching if time comes to an end? Obviously, the "end of time" can't mean the end eternity. So, now, we have to consider the end of what period of time. And that is when futurism comes to an end, because futurism can survive in the light of all the time statements in the New Testament.

Let's apply this phrase to New Testament time indicators.
"The end of time will occur in this generation."
"The end of time is near."
"The end of time is at hand."
"The end of time must shortly come to pass."

Now, take these statements and apply them to the time when these time indicators were originally written. How can one conclude the "end of time" was in the distant future?

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The End
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