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 The Bible Wasn't Written To Or About Us

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PostSubject: The Bible Wasn't Written To Or About Us   Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:49 pm

Yep, you read it right. No one living today were alive when the Bible was written. So, how can we claim the Bible was written to or about us?

The focus of the first five books of the Bible is the establishment of Israel.

Then the focus of Joshua through Esther is the history of Israel.

The book of Job, oddly enough, was about Job.

The main focus of Psalms is worshipping Jehovah God.

Proverbs & Ecclesiastes is about Wisdom.

Song of Solomon is about relationships between a man and a woman, but ultimately the relationship between Jehovah God and his people.

Then Isaiah through Malachi is mainly about God's message to his people, Israel.

Where do we fit in with any of that?

Then we come to the New Testament. First the 4 gospels, and Acts. The main focus there is bringing the good news of the kingdom of Christ to the lost sheep of Israel. It wasn't until Peter visited Cornelius was the gospel given to the Gentiles. And, after Paul's conversion, he ultimately became the apostle unto the Gentiles.

Now we come to the writings of Paul. They are obviously not written to anyone alive today. Paul was nice enough to address to whom he was writing. The church at Rome, the church at Corinth, etc. He also wrote to Timothy and Titus.

Hebrews is undoubtedly about Christ being revealed to the Hebrews, in their last days.

Now we come to what is called "the General epistles, or letters." James, John, Peter and Jude wrote the church of their time. Remember, from Romans to Jude, these were letters written to people of that time, not to us.

And, finally, the book of Revelation was plainly written to 7 churches of Asia. It was not written to or about anyone today.

The conclusion of the matter is this. The Bible is a collection of historical writings, none of which were written to anyone today. And you must understand the Bible in that way. If you don't. then you will probably apply things to today that are not meant for today. And, it will be all wrong.

So, all the preachers that are preaching the Bible as if it was written for today, are preaching false doctrine. You must understand the Bible within it's historical settings. Many make the mistake of not doing that.

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The Bible Wasn't Written To Or About Us
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