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 How We Should Understand the Bible

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PostSubject: How We Should Understand the Bible   Wed Dec 18, 2013 5:18 pm

This was in response to comments made in an article found here:

Quote :
I have a difficult time responding when people take my comments out of context, however, it is understandable since that is probably the way you read the Bible.

Are you up to date on current events.  There are several religious leaders in America try to bridge a gap between Christianity and Islam.  The name of this new religion is Chrislam.  Look it up.

One of the religious leaders that is working for this is Rick Warren.  You can do a search on that too.

The reason I asked the question is that is how we got Christmas and Easter.  That's why I call it Catholicized paganism.

You quoted my article, "The Bible Wasn't Written To Or About Us."  Then you quoted another article out of context to make it seem like I am being inconsistent.  The first article was about who the Bible was written to.  The second article was in response to some false teachings that came out about creation.  It's not that long, so here it is...
Quote :
How can you possibly understand the Bible if you keep reading things that are not there? For example, the claim that creation took 6,000 years. This is derived by mixing a Scripture out of context that a thousand years is as one day to God. That same Scripture states that a day is like a thousand years to God. However that Scripture in 2 Peter 3.8 has nothing to do with creation.

Others claim that Genesis 1 has nothing to do with the literal creation of the physical universe, but rather the creation of a covenant. Others claim that all will be saved regardless of whether or not they believe in Christ. So you can reject Christ and still be saved and inherit eternal life. This denies many Scriptures that say otherwise.

From the beginning of humanity, Satan has been trying to destroy the Word/Law of God. And even though, Satan is powerless today, man is carried away by his own desires. Desires that agree with Satan that "you shall not surely die." Just as there were consequences for Adam and Eve when they disobeyed God, there are consequences for those that disobey God today. One of those consequences is not inheriting eternal life. Eternal life is in Christ. Those not in Christ will not enter eternal life. Scripture is clear, Christ is the way, truth and life, no one comes to the Father but through Christ.

So often people go beyond what is written in the Bible to understand the Bible. It can't be done. I am not talking about using outside sources, like history, to confirm what the Bible says. For example, Jesus said the temple would be destroyed. History records that the temple was destroyed in 70 AD. So this prophecy of Jesus has been fulfilled. Confirming the Word by historical evidence is one thing. Changing the Word by any means is another.

When one uses extra-biblical means to change what is already written, they must deny what is already written, and makes what is already written null and void. And there are Scriptural warnings about doing such things.

Further, I can't see how someone can be a Christian when they seek to destroy the Word by which they claim to have become a Christian in the first place. When one seeks to destroy the Word of God, they are on a very dangerous path, and I urge those who do this to repent before it is eternally too late.

I have italicized the portion you quoted.  As anyone can see they are contextually different articles.

I did not, as you said, "deny the importance of Bible.'  I would never do that.  My point is that the Bible is a compilation of historical writings.  You must understand the Bible within it's historicity, or you will get it wrong.  

The covenant of Christ is an everlasting covenant, therefore it has no end.  And we are in the age of His everlasting covenant.  And that everlasting covenant is certainly applicable to today.  But, nothing in the Bible was specifically written to or about anyone today.  But, principles of the everlasting covenant certainly can be applied today.

Let me give you an example.  When Paul said, "Oh you foolish Galatians..."  Obviously, Paul's statement was specifically addressed to the Galatian churches of his time.  But, what did he teach the Galatians?  Did he not teach them not to go back to the Law?  We can certainly learn from that, that in this day there is no need to get back to Law, as some are trying to do today.  

There other things that Paul said that I am not sure if it can be applied to today, at least not the way he said them, such as, "Greet one another with holy kiss."  I'm sorry, if I ever meet you in person, you will not get a kiss from me.  You might get a holy handshake.  That was a cultural statement of where and when Paul was speaking, or writing.  

There are eternal principles that can be applied to today.  There are those things that were specific to the people that were being spoken or written to.  Unless we can derive an eternal principle form those things written or spoken back then, it is improper to make application to today.

Because the subject matter in this response is, I think, rather important, I decided to share it.  I don't believe most people know how to properly understand the Bible.   So they simply listen to the best ear-tickler they can find.

The articles the commenter referred to are, "The Bible Wasn't Written To Or About Us," can be found here:  http://wayoftruth.motion-forum.net/t330-the-bible-wasn-t-written-to-or-about-us
And the other, "Understanding the Bible," can be found here:  http://wayoftruth.motion-forum.net/t321-understanding-the-bible

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How We Should Understand the Bible
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