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 The Extinction of the Importance of Truth

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PostThe Extinction of the Importance of Truth


Truth, itself, is at least an endangered species.  But, the importance of truth is extinct.  Don't get me wrong, there are people, like myself, that believe truth is important.  But, just because people like me believe truth is important. doesn't mean that it is.  For truth to be important, important people must believe so.  Whether in politics or religion, truth is not important among the important.  Important people include the President, the Pope, members of Congress, religious leaders and the messengers of those.  Among those people, the importance of truth is extinct.

Does that really need explanation?  What is the truth?  And is the truth important to important people?  First, lets consider politics.  The highest truth in politics in the United States is the Constitution.  To the important people in politics in the United States, the Constitution is not important all, unless it benefits them in some way.  But then, it's not the Constitution that is important, it is the benefit they get from it that is important.  So, the importance of Constitutional truth is extinct.  

Does that need explanation too?  Okay.  Do you remember 9/11/2001?  I would think probably most Americans do.  Do you remember what happened afterwards?  For one, we went to war with Afghanistan.  For two, the Patriot Act became law.  For three, the Department of Homeland Security was formed.  In order to do all these things, our Government ignored Constitutional truth.

First, it is Constitutional truth that Congress has the only authority to declare war.  Therefore, going to war without a Declaration of War is unconstitutional.  But, President George W. Bush took this Country to war without Constitutional authority.  And, most sides of the important agreed with that decision.  From the President down to the media.  There were dissenting voices, buy they were not important.  

Second, take a good look at the Patriot Act, and then look at the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.  The Patriot Act, which is the law of the land, totally ignores the Fourth Amendment.  If Constitutional truth was important, the Patriot Act would never have been passed, or signed into law.  Then we would not have those TSA pat downs, which qualifies as sexual harassment everywhere else.  The Fourth Amendment gives you the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, which must only be done by warrant.  So the TSA is behaving unconstitutionally.  If Constitutional truth meant anything to the President, Congress and their messengers, the Patriot Act would never have become law.  And it should be repealed today.  

Third, what about the Department of Homeland Security?  Congress does have the Constitutional authority to establish offices whenever they believe it is necessary.  However, this office was authorized by the Patriot Act.  And it is their responsibility to enforce the Patriot Act.   Since the Patriot Act is unconstitutional, enforcement of it is too.

Constitutional truth has not been important to the President, Congress and their messengers for a long time.  I could go into the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the Department of Education, etc.  And, we could go into the actions of the Lincoln Administration in regards to the Southern States.  In all these cases, the actions of the President, Congress and all their messengers,  show that the importance of Constitutional truth is extinct.  

The Fourth Amendment is not the only part of Constitutional truth that is extinct, but I think I made my point.  Now, what about Religion?

This is more obvious, and yet less accepted by an overwhelming majority of religious people.  There is a sizable minority that will agree with everything I said about the extinction of Constitutional truth.  But, I also believe that Biblical truth is also extinct here in the United States, and for the same reasons.   The teachings of the important religious leaders, including the Pope show that the importance of Biblical truth is extinct in America.   In fact, the importance of Biblical truth is far more extinct than the political counterpart.  The reason for this is, and overwhelming majority of people in this Country follow those important.  It can be said that in politics, people are waking up.  The same cannot be said about religion.  

First, Biblical truth does not even authorize the office of Pope, or Cardinals.  Biblical truth does not authorize the "Christianizing" of pagan worship.  Yet, we have Christmas and Easter which is nothing but.  Also, Biblical truth does not authorize denominations.  This represents a big chunk of religion in America.  And it sure does show that the importance of Biblical truth is extinct.   But, there is much, much more that establishes the fact that the importance of Biblical truth is extinct in America.  And I have written many articles already that shows this.

I have written and article entitled, "One Church Under God," which you can see here: http://wayoftruth.motion-forum.net/t379-one-church-under-god    Then there is an article entitled, "It's Time To Put God Back In..."  This shows the importance of putting God back in the church.  You can see that here:  http://wayoftruth.motion-forum.net/t334-it-s-time-to-put-god-back-in    Then there is the article, "If My People," which you can read here:  http://wayoftruth.motion-forum.net/t337-if-my-people

Many of my articles that I have written in my life shows that the importance of Biblical truth is extinct here in America.  Probably in the entire world.  But, I'd rather write about what I am sure about.  And I am sure that the importance of Biblical truth, just as the importance of Constitutional truth, is extinct in the United States of America.  And it will remain that way until, quite frankly,  the people of this Country listens to people like me.  The Government and Religious leaders along with their messengers are a bunch of liars.  

Truth itself is not extinct as long as there is a handful of people who believe and promote the truth.  And there are.  They just need to be heard.

study - Do your best to present yourself to God as an approved worker who has nothing to be ashamed of, handling the word of truth with precision. - 2 Timothy 2.15; ISV, isv.com
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The Extinction of the Importance of Truth

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